Scott Humphreys

Gym Owner & Company Director



Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 2 Mens Artistic Gymnastics Coach

All round awesome guy


BIO: Becoming a Personal Trainer was the best career decision I ever made and becoming a gymnastics coach soon followed suit as well. My life has been full of ups and downs and my weight has fluctuated as well, because of this I developed a keen interest in the human body and mind so I have been on numerous courses/programmes to help understand the whys, hows and when’s that failures happen. 


I made my break through when my cousin left the navy and came to live me and helped me fall in love with training again and my friend suggested that my life would be better spent helping others achieve the breakthrough that I made, which lead me to chase the dream of being a personal trainer. Having a daughter that did gymnastics also made me fall back in love with the sport which I did it as a child and after a few adult classes, I was asked if I had ever considered coaching and once again that has lead my to where I am today.


Being at the gym is something I love and am very passionate about so is where I feel most at home and comfortable, because of this I feel it makes me be the best PT I can be. Over the years I’ve developed a knowledge of the mind and body that helps me with my clients. I reinforced my PT qualification when I met Jamie Alderton and signed up to a programme with him that helped me develop and grow as a person/PT and allow me to understand the path I needed to take to improve my life and allow others to do the same, I also love to read books that expand and grow my knowledge as the industry is forever growing so you can never stop learning, these books have also allowed me to understand and help change mindsets that can lead to failure.


So who better to help you through your journey than someone that understands the troubles themselves and has now dedicated their career to changing peoples lives so they can live up to their full potential and not only achieve their goals but smash them and make new goals.


If you want help learning to lift weights, improve strength, being more functional or just learn how to do a handstand then come chat with me and let’s change your life for the better. I look forward to meeting you in the gym and hope to welcome you to the S P Athletic family.




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