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Types of Training

Personal Training Studio Cheam

We realise there are many different ways to train and at SP Athletic we like to use a variety of techniques.
From Gymnastics & lifting to build strength, to Boxing, HITT cardio and running to build stamina and endurance.
We can take you from where you are now to a place where you are even fitter and far stronger no matter how you like to train.


All major strengthening lifts and techniques taught.
Then we tailor the sessions to make maximum strength gains. Every rep is logged and counted so every day is a day of progress

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Hitting the crap out of stuff… with some technique obviously : )

Everyone likes to hit a bag and here you can. We teach adults and kids boxing techniques and build entire workouts around boxing with bag work, pad work & core/ground work.

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Fitness and Running

I (Joe) will jog, run and sprint with you outside, in the parks & up and down hills. If your trying to get your first 5k or your looking for a session of insanely hard hill sprints we’ve got you covered here too.

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1-2-1 or group PT sessions to learn how to perform gymnastics floor skills or perfect existing skills while conditioning and strengthening the body to perform the skills to your highest potential.

Fancy doing a handstand?
I (Scott) created an 8 week programme to get you to achieve this.

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Types of sessions

in our Personal Training Studio in Cheam

1 to 1

1hr sessions with a PT taking you through tailor made sessions specifically created to achieve one thing… smash through your goals.

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1hr sessions for you to share with your partner or friend with tailored made sessions specifically built for you and your training buddy to get fitter, stronger & healthier together.

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1hr sessions for 3+ people, who are all there for the same reason, to achieve their goals as a team. With team challenges and strength challenges, who can come out on top and who can show the biggest improvement.

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Outdoor Running

Taking training to the park, the roads and the hills.
Whether you’re aiming for 5k or 50k these sessions are aimed at pushing you past you’re running boundaries.

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