To be strong whilst at the same time having great movement


Having box since 12 years old, serving in the Royal Artillery Paras, training at strength gyms and boxing in and outside the Army I suppose training was never going to take a back seat in my life. Now, with me joining Scott at S P Athletic in mid-2020 I get to teach people how to use their body and mind to get fit and strong. The military gave me a balls-out, go the limit approach to training, the time I spent at the strength gym gave me the tools to stay committed to tracking specific goals and targets whilst the constant boxing training gave me a calculated and calm rhythm even when tired and under pressure. This is what I want to teach people. To be strong whilst at the same time having great movement, to be aggressive whilst at the same time calculated and calm, to be fit and healthy and up for any physical challenge that you decide to get involved in. Training isn’t just about losing weight or getting fit, it can be but for me, it toughens my body and my mind at the same time. I’m here to talk about all aspects of training with you so give me a call or just fill in the form and we’ll catch up very soon.

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