Gymnastics Conditioning


Class Spec:


• Strengthen up for your gymnastics

Ever wanted that perfect handstand but can’t quite get it right? Or how about being able to link your skills but not there yet. Allow S P Athletic to help condition your body to give you the best opportunity to make that goal achievable in our gymnastics conditioning classes.

Sessions start with a 10 minute stretch and warm up. We then spend 20 minutes on skills from a simple forward roll to a back handspring or even back tuck.

Finally we have 30 minutes to spend strengthening your core, building up your arms and shoulders and tightening your back to make sure you have the best frame to support your body.

But we don’t stop there! We haven’t mentioned your legs; there will be lots of plyometric movements to build up those legs for improving tumbling skills too.

So whether you have never done a forward roll in your life or can comfortably link a round off flick back tuck this session will strengthen your body to give you the best chance you can of achieving your goals


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