Cass Govender

Gym Owner & Company Director



Sport and Exercise Therapy

REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer


BIO: Cass started her fitness journey and transformed her lifestyle in 2018.


Her amazing dedication and determination is not only physically visible but can also be seen in her accomplishments in the fitness industry. At the end of 2019 she passed all her fitness instructor exam, qualified as a Strong Zumba instructor and is now co-owner of SP Athletic.


Hours of studying and patience have given her the tools needed to train the body and mind, appreciating the importance of working hard and eating healthily while understanding balance is key and enjoying life is as important.


All of Cass’s experience her mindset incorporates into her routines with her bubbly, motivating attitude and choices of music you’ll be sure to find yourself on your feet.


Join Cass and let exercise be your:

– Stress Release

– Your Playtime

– Your Routine

– Your Happy Place

– Your Passion but never your punishment




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